Dams, Tracks & Earthworks

Water makes a great feature on any property.

At Beautiful farms we design and construct dams and waterways to ensure your property looks good and any stock have plentiful water. We also design and construct wetlands, creek beds, rainforest plantings, bridges and walkways to suit to maximise all that this water has to offer.

Digging Dam

We encourage our clients to “waterproof” their properties by (1) ensuring their water reserves are more than adequate and that (2) their property is protected against erosion. We do this by managing water flows, contouring and compacting damaged areas and regressing or revegetating eroded land. Much of this work is identified and dealt with in the planning and design phase.

Good tracks are a practical, safe and valuable asset to your property. Thought needs to be given as to what they are for, where they are positioned, the surface type, culvert locations to get water away etc. We can help with all of this.

For all your earthmoving needs call Beautiful Farms.