Farm Design & Construction

Beautiful Farms designs acreage properties and farms to ensure an attractive, well thought out and manageable property.

We meet with you on site, discuss your goals and objectives, timeframe and budget and then develop a property plan that incorporates these into your property.

The planning process includes (1) a scale farm-plan drawn in ‘Landworks CAD’ – a state of the art landscape design program and (2) a comprehensive report outlining our discussions and recommendations. We detail any work in a proposed order of works and can provide an estimated cost to complete.

The property report covers everything from your management system, soil type and fertiliser plan, pasture improvement and grazing management plan, weed control, landscaping and gardens, water supply including dams, stock type and management, tree planting, machinery requirements, safety issues, clearing and clean-up, farm infrastructure (fences, sheds, laneways), maintenance program and so on.

We can then
(1) complete all or some of the project for you
(2) project manage the job for you or
(3) wish you luck and leave you to complete the project yourself whilst being only a phone call away should you need any assistance.

Farm Design